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Lord General Castor
Lord General Solar Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI to command forces in the Segmentum Obscurus


The High Lords of Terra have named General Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI as the Warmaster for the Sectors Oculus. Ray said today that he will now be addressed as Lord General Solar. All available Imperial army groups are being redirected towards the Cadian Gate.



By Order of the Lord General Solar all Imperial Forces in the Sectors Oculus operations area will be reformed within the Imperial Crusade Force. 4 Crusade Armies will be formed per sector and a 5th will be a mobile reserve. The Imperial Crusade Force will further divide Naval Forces into Fleets that will work along side the Crusade Armies.

Admiral Qurren named Lord Admiral – Second to the Lord General Solar

Admiral Qurren the most successful Admiral in the Sectors Oculus and only other real contender for the role of Warmaster. Was named Lord Admiral and Second to deBourgogne Ray XVI. Admiral Qurren said after his promotion “I look forward to assisting the Lord General Solar in the Crusade to take back Sectors Oculus”.

Ursarkar e creed by alex boyd
Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed to remand in command of forces on Cadia  

Lord Castellan Ursakar Creed will keep command of the forces fighting on Cadia and in the Cadian System but Sector Command will now fall to The 3rd Crusade Army. The Lord General Solar said “Creed is a Great Officer but his command and control capability is stretched to the limit.”

Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz made High Protector of the Agripinaa Sector

Sectors Oculus


All Information Sealed By Order of the Inquisition

Operation Icarus Begins

Belis Corona


Imperial Navy Forces begin Operation Icarus. Crippling Chaos Fleets operating in The Belis Corona System. High command considers the operation a success and Chaos attacks on Imperial ships have been cut in ½.

The Sisters of Our Martyred Lady purge Subiaco Diablo

Subiaco Diablo

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The heretical infidels infesting Subiaco Diablo was purged by the fury of the Sisters of Our Martyred Lady, and countless souls were returned to the Emperor through the purifying fire of their weapons and strength of their unyielding faith. The last few foul prophets and apostates have fled deep within the underhive, where the Sisters are pursuing them still.

Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed begin Operation Chrysos II


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Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed has begin a massive attack in the southern hemisphere of Regional Command IX. Already Port Tarn, Khol Vellan, St. Jallen Battery, and 1/2 of Kasr Barrus is under Imperium control.

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The Blood Ravens Joins The Crusade

Sectors Oculus

Lord General Solar Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI informed Crusade Command today, that the Blood Ravens Space Marines have arrived in Sectors Oculus. The Lord General Solar said "They will be adding their fire power to the crusade and soon the enemies of the Emperor will feel their wrath".


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Operation Valkyrie Begins

Sectors Oculus

Lord General Solar Ray XVI has ordered a new offensive to begin in Belis Corona, Cadia and Scarus sectors. The Lord Solar said “This Operation will be a major offensive to retake the worlds in Sectors Oculus and destroy the forces of the traitors and renegades that stand before the Hammer of the Emperor”.