Canoness Commander Juana


Born into the Sisters of Our Martyred Lady, Juana was an inveterate troublemaker until Natalya Karala one of the Sisterhood's physical trainers realized that Juana needed to channel her wild behavior. Using combat training to instill discipline and control in her student, Karala became Juana's mentor. Blessed with natural tactical skill and the ability to gain the respect of her sisters, Juana nonetheless had little time for the cautious directives of her superiors. Promoted when her lightning offensive strikes were successful, she was demoted to Mistress of Sisters Repentia when they failed. She became Sister Superior of a Celstian Squad just before the Medusa V Crusade, during which her aggressive tactics won her much praise, but cost the lives of many of her sisters. Her greatest moment came when she was promoted to Canoness Commander and led the Sisters half of the assault on Kasr Barrus. She lost over 50% of her sisters, but broke the back of the Chaos Forces. During the Medusa V Crusade, Juana made the acquaintance of General Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI. As both rose to positions of power, their friendship slowly turned to romance.