DisciplesOfTheDarkGods Cover

Disciples of the Dark Gods cover

DisciplesOfTheDarkGods Backcover

Disciples of the Dark Gods Backcover

"Disciples of the Dark Gods" is a Dark Heresy Sourcebook.

Contents Edit

    • What’s in This Book?
  • CHAPTER I – Shadows of the Tyrant Star
    • Using the Hereticus Tenebrae
  • CHAPTER II – Hereticus
    • The Nature of the Enemy
    • Psykana Obscura
    • The Temple Tendency
    • The Logicians
    • The Pale Throng
    • The Night Cult
  • CHAPTER III – Xenos
    • The Acute Threat of the Alien
    • The Manifold Dangers of the Alien
    • The Cold Trade
    • The Amaranthine Syndicate
    • The Beast House
    • The Cryptos
    • The Halo Devices
    • The Curse of Solomon
  • CHAPTER IV – Malleus
    • The Malefic Powers
    • Chaos Rituals
    • The Dark Art of Sorcery
    • Unhallowed Relics, Wards, and Weapons
    • The Pilgrims of Hayte
    • Anteanism
    • The Brotherhood of the Horned Darkness
    • The Vile Savants
    • The Menagerie
    • The Murder Room
  • CHAPTER V – The Enemy Within
    • Discord within the Powers Temporal and Spiritual
    • Discord and Conflict within the Inquisition
  • CHAPTER VI – The Hunted: Wanted Heretics of the Calixis Sector
  • CHAPTER VII – The House of Dust and Ash

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