Ursarkar e creed by alex boyd

Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed is the current leader of the Imperial forces of Cadia. He is the most capable leader the Cadians have ever had, and he has defended against the various threats Cadia has to face, from the forces of Chaos to raids by the Eldar. He has participated in such great conflicts as the Black Crusades.

Ursarkar Creed is the most renowned of all Cadian Shock Troopers and has lead the forces through the most important battles that the Cadians have ever faced. Jarran Kell, Creed's loyal and powerful Colour Sergeant, is always found by his side and has fought through countless battles with him.


As a child, Creed was found by the soldiers of the Cadian 8th regiment in the city of Kasr Gallen just after Abaddon's 8th Black Crusade. Creed refuses to speak of the atrocities he saw as a child in the city even to this day.

The Cadian 8th was impressed by this boy who seemed to have survived the fighting physically unscathed. He was taken in by the 8th and raised as a soldier. He quickly became an excellent soldier and was well known amongst the men of the 8th. He was quickly drafted in the Whiteshield regiment, the elite legion for the young of Cadia. This is where he met his future Colour Sergeant Jarran Kell.

His time spent in the Whiteshields was one of war and death, as was expected. He was thrust into the Drussite Crusade, and by the time the Cadian forces were victorious, Creed had been promoted to Captain of the Shock Troops and Jarren Kell was made his colour sergeant.

From this position, he often led from the front lines, earning him the respect of the men under his command. In official matters Creed was as disciplined as any Cadian officer, but he knew when to turn a blind eye, and as such is disliked by many Commissars.

Creed rarely has to repeat an order, as he exudes an aura of obedience. His greatest strength however, is his knowledge of how a Cadian army should fight, not expending life to get the job done, but using each life as effectively as possible. He mixed resolute defence with extreme counter-attacks, proving himself as capable of leading an army as a platoon.

During the Hrud migration of 983-5.M41, Creed fought with Kell at his side throughout, and was commander of the forces that attacked and killed the Chaos Space Marine Lord Brule on Trecondal. He was then promoted to Lord General of Cadia, and his first victory was over the Ulthwe Eldar raid on Aurent. He was now the most successful living commander of Cadia and only his lowly birth gave him some problems.

Jarran Kell

Creed met Jarran Kell while both were serving in the Whiteshield Regiment. Over time Kell has become his loyal Colour Sergeant and standard bearer of the Cadian 8th's Regimental Standard. Where Creed is silent and calculating Jarran Kell is roaring and booming as only a colour sergeant can be. He is a trusted companion who recognises Creed is Cadia's only chance to survive the dark days ahead, as such he has made it his life's work to keep Creed from harm and has the scars and wounds to show for it. Kell is rarely away from Creed's side, his roaring, booming amplified voice drowning out the cries of the enemy and making sure Creed's orders are heard.

Current Status

When a murderous plot by Chaos spies killed a number of the members of the Cadian High Command, the special rank of Lord Castellan was applied to prevent any internecine struggle for power. Creed was just returning from his latest successful crusade, and was welcomed back by the majority of the rank and file of the Cadian armed forces. Gradually his potential political enemies stepped back and allowed Creed to be named Lord Castellan of all Cadia.

Creed recently had to fight off Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade, the most devastating Chaos crusade yet. With Jarran Kell at his side, he managed to co-ordinate the forces surrounding Cadia to prevent the dark gods from gaining a hold in the material universe, but only at the cost of many lives and even one of the planets of the Cadian system.