Lord General Castor

[edit] Battle HonoursEdit

Dawn of War 2 Retribution Imperial Guard Ending-0

Dawn of War 2 Retribution Imperial Guard Ending-0

[edit] General BackgroundEdit

Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI was born on Cadia; he enjoyed a priviliged childhood under the tutelage of his noble parents, Ingrid Spence and Heywood deBourgogne Ray. He entered the Imperial Guard and first served in the 501st Storm Trooper Regiment on Tranch, it was there that he met Commissar Sophie Tavernier Une;and they became both friends and lovers. He then served as a Colonel during the Anvil Trade War and received both the Macharian Cross and Honorifica Imperialis. After the Anvil Trade War in the Agrippa Sector, General Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI was named Viscount of the moon Bourgogne. He then lead foces on Taros, Medusa V and Cadia. On his return to the Calixis Sector he was named Lord General Militant by Sector Governor Marius Hax. Lord General Militant Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI was then named Governor-Militantand Lord General Solar of the Cadia Campaign by the High Lords of Terra and is leading a crusade to retake the worlds lost in the Cadian Sector.

[edit] ProfessionEdit

A dedicated soldier; he quickly rose through the rank, and spent the next several years building up a political power base. He has holdings on Khai-zhan were he is the worlds Governor, Cadia, Scintilla,and Quaddis were a family ranch breeds horse for Rough Rider Cavalry Units on Cadia and Scintilla and exports wine to Malfi and Holy Terra. He is married to Julia Strophes and has four children; his oldest daughter Victoria Edden-Strophes Ray is an Inquisitor in the Ordo Hereticus; his youngest daughter Donna Ulanti-Strophes Ray is a Rogue Trader; his oldest son Aramus deBourgogne Ray is a Space Marine in the Blood Ravens Chapter and his other son Victor deBourgogne Ray XVII is an officer in the Guard.

[edit] AttitudesEdit

Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI is a master manipulator and has very powerfull contacts in the nobility. He is responsible for managing the Segmentum Obscurus propaganda campaign, and is a firm believer in the need to subjugate and take what the Imperium needs through military means. Rumor places him in the High Lords of Tera inner circle, though there is, of course, no proof.

[edit] Combat ReactionsEdit

Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI becomes eerily unemotional during the heat of battle. He reacts to a threat in the most logical manner possible. He will not cower or back down unless faced by superior firepower, in which case he will attempt to get clear and call in reinforcements.

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